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on the rim fire as it grows to 50,000 acres. a live report right now on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> ktvu channel 2 news starts right now with breaking news. . >> i am john sasaki. breaking news out of southern california. a tour bus over turned on a freeway. the bus over turned at 10:00 a.m. on the 210. there are at least 50 people injured. five of them were seriously hurt. the rest have minor injuries. the bus was heading to a casino in highland. >>> happening now a bomb threat at the santa clara county superior court administration building. the building is still evacuated. officials say no courtrooms have effected. >>> an investigation into the death of one of san francisco's former top police officials. ktvu channel 2 news confirmed he killed himself last night. there is no word on how he committed suicide. he was with the department for 32 years. . >>> right now sex offenders are the target of a sweep. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from san jose where police are trying to take hundreds of sex offenders into custody to make the streets safer. >> reporter: this is a concern f
counseling. an attorney for the owner tells ktvu he expects victims families will file lawsuits against the family. he expects them too. >> i am hurting just like they are. i feel sorry this happened. >> reporter: i had a chance to tuque the district attorney, he sat down and met with some of the survivors and victim family members before the announcement to let them know they would not be seeking charges. with the limo driver there was one question he hesitated to answer and we will have more at 6:00 p.m. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues at 5:30 p.m. ktvu's rob roth sat down with a limo company. why it says it is not surprised and what officials had to say about it. >> let's talk about the exact cause, what led to the fire. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar has been investigating that story for us. >> the question is, whose fault? no ones. >> we have concluded the fire was accidental. >> reporter: what caused the tragedy? >> the catalyst was the failure of the rear suspension system that allowed the drive shaft to come into contact with the floor panel. th
what caused the car to lose power. live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> whenever there is a problem share your photos with ktvu. share on facebook, search for ktvu channel 2. >>> negotiators for bart and the unidon't have talks sedge -- union don't have talks scheduled. the two sides are under a 60 day cooling off period. the unions went on strike in july and poised to walk out again when the cooling off order came down. >>> the supreme courtb court turn -- supreme court court turned down a petition for proper 8. that came after they said they didn't have standing to appeal. the governor and the attorney general said that means same- sex marriage is legal statewide. >>> the investigation continues into a deadly accident. the woman who was hit and killed by heavy machinery at the school in san jose. ktvu's robert handa is live at the site and joins us with more. robert? >> reporter: as you can see the scene here at this construction site is much different than yesterday. investigators try to figure out hot the woman was -- how the woman was killed. >> reporter: the
tuesday after labor day. that's when the new eastern span will open. live in oakland, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. more details on. rising cost of the new eastern span. when the decision was made to damage the bay bridge which was damaged in the loma prieta earthquake, caltrans estimated the cost at $1.3 million by 2001. that estimate doubled to 2.6 billion to build a signature suspension bridge and tower. three years later, the price ballooned to $5 million and now caltrans estimates the toastal cost to be $6.4 billion. >>> police are searching for four men in a white chevy blazer after a jewelry store heist in walnut creek. paul chambers is live with more. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. one of the things you had to see to believe. tiffany's is closed. they say they will be closed. they usually open at 10:30 a.m. you can see the shades have been drawn. they've closed those also. talking about the smash-and- grab robbery, police are still looking for the suspects. take a look at this. someone used this pickup truck as a battering ram to break into tiffany's.
in the water. for now reporting live at stinson beach, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we turn now to the investigation into a deadly shooting at a san jose restaurant. police are trying to track down the person responsible for shooting up a vietnamese restaurant hitting three men one man died. janine de la vega joins us now from the scene. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. police have left the scene but you can still see some of the evidence best behind. bullet holes are in the restaurant and the windows and i looked inside. you can still see there's a lot of blood in there. owners have a lot of cleaning up to do before they can open again. people who live near the restaurant were not pleased to see bullet holes riddling the outside when they visited the strip mall on alum rock. >> it's feeling awkward and unsafe and unsecure. >> reporter: police say at 10:00 last night, numerous gunshots were fired into the restaurant and bar, startling customers. three men were hit. >> it was like two, three shots. at first we didn't pay at
robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> webcam is capturing images. this is where a large plume of smoke is very visible. yosemite national park officials tell us they shut down a campground close to say the fire. it is at the highway 120 entrance. it was evacurated and all reservations -- evacuations and all reservations have been concerned. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin has been tracking the conditions. what are firefighters facing tonight? >> terrain is driving the fire. lot of vertical stuff. there is the smoke plume. we are talking about the cumulus clouds, that is what you call them when you get a fire creating clouds. if you get moisture you will have clouds that create thunder and lightning with lot of smoke. the fire scene from space, it is 83 square miles. it is huge. here is how it looks. we look at the terrain. the winds are there. the temperatures are there. look at the terrain. it is very vertical. these are very steep canyon walls. the area off to get to. tough to fight a fire in. conditions are similar to yesterday. the fire, again, it is growing. you noticed tha
catching his killer. new at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in san francisco with the mission for justice. ken? >> reporter: nice to say when you have a mother whose child has been murder you don't know how she feels. she lives in that apartment, when she walks outside she sees this sidewalk where her son was gunned down. it is a reminder every day of what happened and she had that reminder for 7 years. >>> flier with his face has been posted on this pole almost every day since august 14, 2006. she was not here that day but her son was. >> i didn't get to say bye. i didn't get to tell him i loved him. i didn't get to say anything. he died alone. >> reporter: he just left his house when he saw a group of men, two had guns. the street was crowded. >> he said run. run. and everybody ran. and the person that was left was my son. >> reporter: the mepturned on -- the men turned on her son and shot him 30 years. she comes back every year to seek justice. >> we pray for the perpetrators that you touch their copseiances. she -- consciences. >> reporter: she was joined
haener. dangerous conditions tonight have put fire crews on stand by. we are on weather alert. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is here with more on the red flag warnings. >> red flag warnings this time of year always something to be concerned about. behind me, shows this rotation. the low pressure sits south of the area. it is rotating the moisture in an unusual direction. east to west. the thunderstorms around -- near mammoths lakes and yosemite. these carry over the top and bring a chance of thundershowers to northern portions of the state and bay area tonight and tomorrow morning. red flag warning concerns are dry lightning, hot outside, look at the temperatures. 90 degrees right now. 94 fairfield. 104 degrees in livermore today. the red flag warning stays in effect till 3:00 a.m. in 10 minutes tomorrow and the red flag warning. cooler, but the red flag warning stays up and the five- day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. >> fire crews are on high alert tracking dangerous conditions aened the bay area and northern california. coming up, ktvu's robert handa joins
:00 and 6:00. live at the command post, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ken. >>> air national guardsmen based in the bay area are now on the fire lines. the guardsmen from the 129th rescue wing left moffett field to join the firefighting effort. there reports -- there are reports that other departments are in yosemite fighting the fire. >>> the firefighters fighting the rim fire are facing tough weather conditions. mark tamayo has more on that. >> not only the weather conditions but the terrain. right now on live some tracker 2, good news, we have shower activity developing out towards the east of sierra, groveland. but the bad news, we have thunderstorms and lightning strikes being detected. the red flag warn something still in place until 11:00 tonight. as far as the terrain -- here's another perspective. there's the fire to the east of groveland. we'll come tighter here. you get an idea with the rivers. all of the drainage basins very tough for fire crews to access part of the fire. that's been the area where the fire has been greeing the last 12 hours. as far as the curren
county airport, ken wayne, ktvu news. >>> ktvu viewers have also been snapping photos tonight. christian colvin sent us these photos. aaron cabr era sent us this shot right after sunset. we want to see your photos when severe weather hits you can e- mail them to photos at or postthem to our facebook page. >>> and did you suspect live storm tracker 2 is lit up right now. the thunderstorms are coming from the east moving to the west. an unusual direction for us. right now we have thunderstorms activity showing up east of palo alto. we got reports of showers in this area as well. the main thunder storms are offshore. they've been offshore for the past few hours so folks are seeing lightning flashes from half-moon bay and pacifica. they're seeing lots of it. we're seeing a lot of lightning strikes above davenport as well. this is over the last hour, see the lightning strikes. especially right off pacifica, we have a lot of parts for pacifica. and moving offshore the the heavy lightning is offshore. behind this we have a red flag warning in effect through wednesday. this is why for t
of the truck driver. you can get much more on the situation on 680 at >>> well, the evidence is weak. that's according to joseph naso who made his closing arguments for the day. cara lui is there live. >> reporter: this is a case that's had some bizarre twists. naso told jurors they reminded him of a wedding reception. he's accused of killing four northern california women between 19 and -- between the 1970s and 1990s. naso, who is representing himself, told jurors he was not the predator prosecutors tried to make him out to be. he admitted paying a prostitute to take pictures of her in -- in lon lingerie. but he says he does not mix business with pleasure. >> you are seeing a man who is very engaging but i think the prosecution will say that's what makes him so dangerous. >> reporter: the judge asked for a midmorning break, warning naso to introduce things that are not relevant. naso told the judge, i think you are going too far. i think i'm doing well. back to you. >> the body of 18-year-old roxanne rogash was found near fairfax in 1977. 22-year-old carmen cook was found in 1978. 3
across parts of the bay area because of dangerous fire conditions. ktvu's alex savidge will tell us about how crews are preparing in a moment but first, we begin our team coverage with steve paulson who explains the weather conditions outside. >>> well, it's a tale of three different forecasts. if you are near the coast, fog or sun. if you are south bay or parts of the peninsula, it's mostly sunny. although there's one little band of clouds going through the south bay. north bay and parts of the east bay. a lot of clouds, mostly cloudy. it's cool, warm, hot, muggy. a little low off central california is producing a lot of cloud cover and it will be with us through thursday morning. i think a bert opportunity for showers is tuesday. the red flag warning is out for lightning, for causing fires. it's very dry and hot. already 93 in livermore. yesterday they were 102. san francisco is 61. half moon bay, also 61. a huge difference. watch the clouds streaming in. you can see they are definitely taking aim more towards the east and north bay. some of that looks like it wants to produce rain. not
forward with more information to make an arrest in the case. live in east palo alto, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> most people arrested, students and college students in san francisco. they were hoping to withdraw the school's accreditation. instead the mayor had them arrested. >> don't want to get arrested. >> and the sit-in began yesterday at 5:00. the students arrested were charged with trespassing and disturbing a public meeting. they were released. the mayor's office tells ktvu, he's committed to finding a way to keep the school open. >>> firefighters in the bay area still on high alert. the lightning threat still creating a very dangerous situation. ktvu is joining us live, good morning. , katie. >> where i'm standing, it feels like a chilly wind tunnel. it's quite gusty between martinez and hercules. you could also see the dry grass. the conditions, the wind with the dry fuel on the ground combined with the risk of dry lightning puts parts of the bay area at high risk for fire danger. let's show you some video of a grass fire that shut down highway 4 last night tsm spark
, and downed power lines. live at the fire command center, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> in that red flag warning that we had had in the bay area, it was up in the lake tahoe area, it has been dropped. lightning strikes, or thunderstorms developing right here along the west slope. what's interesting is they wrap around. here's the last six hours. red is the red flag warning. the lightning strikes coming up over the top, going out here. look, they work their way offshore. this area of cloudiness, and convectivety, if that would have been farther south, it would have been an issue, so this is looping around. red flag areas remain in the north. we're going to talk about the hot spots and the five-day forecast. >>> because of the danger posed by the rim fire, officials evacuated at least three summer camps just outside yosemite. noel walker is live in berkely to tell us about a high school retreat that went up in smoke. >> reporter: maydak high school is a long way away, but its student and staff were beginning a retreat. students leave with a collection of happy snaps for photo albums.
and this investigation will help them track down whoever is responsible. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a baby shot and killed in oakland will be remembered in a special service today. a celebration of life is being held for one-year-old drew jackson. it's set for 11:00 at wfd fuller funerals. drew's mother requested that no one wear black to the service. drew and his father were shot and killed last wednesday while sleeping at a relative's house. a $30,000 reward is being offered in that case. >>> more than $51,000 has been raised to support the 16-year- old daughter of sandra coke. supporters are trying to raise $100,000 for the sandra coke fund at a man from coke's past is a person of interest in her death. he is being held without bail on unrelated charges. >>> the accident happened shortly before 9:00 last night on southbound 280 near highway 101. officers say the driver lost control and rolled his car. when they arrived, he ran away, jumped over the railing and suspended major injuries. >>> bay bridge construction crews must race against time to open the new eastern span n
government influenced napa's decision. all of that on ktvu morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. take you live out there this morning. picture of the oakland estuary. wild weather overnight. we saw lightning. we're going to check in with alex savage about that in a moment. you see fog in the distance. we will see how the weather will look today. it is tuesday, august 20th. >> you saw lightning. >> i did. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic and go to steve. >> thank you. things have calmed down considerably as they push north and west. it could wrap back around later today. i think we're in between where we get the fog. red flag warning until wednesday morning. they may fine-tune that as we get closer. today and tomorrow will be an active day. 60s on the temps or 50s. a stronger sea breeze. today was hardly anything. today is 22 to 25. that's a big difference. some of that cloud cover is still producing a little bit of rain but a lot of it ending up towards lake county and the hire
outside his door. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. we want to take you live to the lan mirandor senior center in san jose. a shooting this morning involving a security guard. pretty interesting. what the guard says he caught four men doing moments before he open fire. we're live at the scene. i'm pam cook, it's wednesday, august 21st. >> good morning to you. this wednesday morning. and we have reports of fire danger. at live storm tracker radar, nothing to show you. we have the low clouds and fog regrouping in the coast, pushing in the bay. gusty winds as well, especially in the delta, easily topping 25 miles an hour. the current numbers are in the 50s to lower 60s. downtown san francisco 58. livermore checking in with partly cloudy skies. some changes with a red flag warning. it is in place in the north bay until 3:00 thursday morning. it's been extended with the risk of possibility of thunderstorms and the chance of some lightning. of course, fire danger remains elevated. the forecast model not showing much in the way of thunderstorms in the bay area. we'll
kasiama, channel 2 ktvu news. >>> a marine pled guilty is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. >> under a plea deal, a judge is expected to sentence 37-year-old chris bucary to three years of probation for the death of whi. >> he was riding carelessly and run three lights about he struck him as he was crossing the street. >>> and in san lorenzo shgs, several residents called 911. >> we checked with the coroner and expect to learn the victim's name in the next hour or so. >> investigators say he did not live in the neighborhood. >>> after unusual delay, the prosecution delivered its closing arguments of joseph naso, accused killer. >> it read joseph nase killed my sister. >> that truck belonged to the brother of rexine, one of the four women she was accused of killing. >> no person said they could have seen the truck. >> i'm still going to missor. >> dna links naso to the death of the woman. >> he's scheduled to give closing arguments on friday. >>> it's been five weeks since daphne webb was reported missing. >> they held a march today. >> searching for answers, more than a month after d
and speak out because these fire districts protect your area, live in pittsburgh, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that look out post is 4400 feet above santa clara. >> we look for smoke columns, hopefully beginning early on we see them and we try to determine, well, what's the smoke is like, dark or light or is it building or tapering off and we'll study for it for a few seconds and get an estimate reading and we'll radio with morgan hill with the information. >> flight side is said to remain at the look at location until the red flag alert is lifted. >>> thunderstorms around the state, they missed the bay area thus far but if you look at the satellite that i have got up for you, you notice the motion is coming this way and the clouds are rotating around the center offshore here, what i am tracking and what i am interested here, you see this area right here coming out of fresno, it is something like this and it can bring us through southern santa clara valley. the red flag warning stays into effect until wednesday morning, the next ten minutes when i come back, we'll be talking about tomorrow
will likely die in prison. that penalty phase starts next month. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. >>> we are following developing news in the east bay where a grass fire started this afternoon in the dublin hills. it was reported shortly after 2:00 this afternoon west of taxahara road in a training area. investigators say the fire was sparked by a smoke grenade used during an outdoor military training exercise. fire officials tell us flames consume about 170 acres before the fire was contained about two hours ago. now right now crews remain on the scene looking for hot spots. we have live team coverage tonight of the fire danger in the bay area. ktvu's john sasaki is in the north bay with a look at how firefighters are preparing. >>> first our chief meteorologist bill martin joins us in the weather center with a look at the conditions. >> they were pretty hot, certainly 90 degrees at the fire zone and the winds were west-northwest at 5 miles per hour. this was not a lightning sparked fire. but of course that's what the concerns are. check out the lightning showing up just east of the ar
is caught. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a red flag warning is in effect right now in the north bay and it is due to stay up until tomorrow afternoon. in with a lot of dry grass and brush to burn. >>> we are learning that a smoke grenade use inside a military exercise started this fire in camp park in dublin afternoon. before crews from cal fire and alameda county brought it under control. no damage of the buildings. >>> and it is also prompted the closure of highway 120 leading into the parks. about 200 seniors from the bay area were evacuated because of concerns of all the smoke, firefighters are working in the terrain, the service is investigated of how the fire started. >>> weather around the bay area may bring more lightning strike tonight. it is more than 15, 000 strikes been recorded here in the bay area since noon yesterday. our chief meteorologist, bill martin will detail our chances of more lightning tonight and have your detailed forecast coming up in just 15 minutes. >>> there is been a great shark siting at marine beach. the water there is off limits and swimming or sur
'm julie haener. the official decision comes tomorrow. the new eastern span opening on september 3. ktvu's noel walker is live now. >> reporter: that five day closure could happens a soon as two weeks from tonight, if they decide to go with the labor day opening. you see that v in the road. it's where the old and new spans meet. it will look completely different, whenever the new span opens. if the new bay bridge span was your new house, you would be planning moving day now. about up through tuesday, 5:00 a.m. >> reporter: the work flow charts are set. all we need is a date. like most new construction, the new bridge move in date is a new target. >> the old date was labor day weekend. they need to decide. >> reporter: while most roads point to labor day weekend, that decision will be made tomorrow morning. tonight, we narrow down the timing. >> no matter what weekend we do close at, people are going to be able to make arrangements. bars going to be fully functional. >> reporter: remember, b.a.r.t. is three days into a 60 day cooling off period, when workers can't strike. >> it's got to b
. live in san francisco i'm paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. >>> new this morning in egypt thousands of muslim brotherhood supporters are taking to the streets to find the military imposed state of emergency. they are calling for a day of anger. it's in response to the deaths of more than 600 people on wednesday when riot police broke up two sit in camps of antigovernment protestors. the government has authorized the use of deadly force against protestors targeting police and government constitutions. >>> back here at home in santa clara last night egyptian americans held a candle light vigil. they wore white to honor those killed in the protest. they say they don't support the political position, but they do say they support the right to freedom of speech. >> whether or not i agree with their position, it's important to honor the fact that they protested peacefully for it and they were killed for it. >>> time is 5:07. closing arguments expected today from accused serial killer joseph naso in his murder trial. the 78-year-old man is acting as his own lawyer. he is facing charges of m
of the state to the other. the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, it's tuesday, august 20th. want to take you back out here live to the scene outside of a vietnamese restaurant in san jose. three people were shot there overnight. one of them died. and we have a reporter out there. this is a live picture of the scene. we will have an update with new information that we just received in just a couple of minutes. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. >> i'm dave clark. steve, are you still worried about lightning this morning. >> not this morning but later this afternoon. thick fog out there. be careful coast and bay. some of that is reducing visibility. isolates showers, 60s 70s and 80s at noon. a lot more cloud cover and the wind has definitely picked up. it will not be as hot for some inland yesterday. the low is rotating around, still sending in a couple of bands moving north and west off shore but the red flag warning continues. temperatures a lot cooler today than yesterday
. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >>> a scary start to the first race of the america's cup challenger finals in san francisco bay. one boat stalls on racecourse and another into the water. >> i'm ken pritchett in for ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> two sailors thrown into san francisco bay after their catamaran nose-dived at 46 miles per hour. bringing back memories of another america's cup accident that killed a cure member. jade hernandez live in san francisco. >> reporter: heather, today's race was supposed to be about the speed and skill of 72' catamarans on the bay, but instead it was about two teams trying to survive. both teams racing in the louis vuitton final cups struggled on the water. emirate's team new zealand was caught in a sharp turn, throwing two crew members overboard. >> all of a sudden it crashes. >> i was more worried about the people who fell over. both men pulled to safety only suffered bumps and bruises. >> it was quite a welcome to america's cup. >> reporter: these spectators weren
of the shooting. reporting live from east san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we talked about thousands of lightning strikes created quite a show around the bay area. rick savage has more on the lightning and the fire danger it's creating. >> reporter: the lightning a concern for firefighters. but people down on the peninsula enjoyed what was a spectacular light show last night. we will show you video taken by a ktvu photographer taken down in san mateo county. according to the national weather service, more than 11,000 lightning strikes were sienna cross the bay area since 8:00 last night. of course all that lightning, fun to watch, but it has firefighters worried. red flag warning remains in effect across northern california this morning. cal fire has staffed reserve engines and brought in extra firefighters. yesterday we were at the cal fire air attack base at the sonoma airport where we watched a plane launch to fight a fire. that plane was forced to return to the airport because thunderstorm activity made it too dangerous to fly. >> flying conditions can be extreme. turbulence, wind, visibly, d
for the increased fire danger. we have team coverage tonight, ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the chances of lightning strikes. but we start with jade hernandez. >> reporter: the concern continues, but firefighters are waiting and watching. in the demand center it's business as usual for captain province. until midnight tonight when the red flag warning goes into effect. calfire has already pulled in five firefighters and staffed water tenders in each of their reserved engines. captain province is also monitoring maps tracking the storms and lightning. >> tonight we're going to preposition engines up on the ridge line in the san antonio valley. >> reporter: battalion chief norton says the last time conditions like these caused fires, caltrans is keeping a close eye in morgan hill until the warning ends on tuesday. >> it's just a huge area that hasn't burned in probably seven years and it's just really concerns out there. the fuels are very receptive for fires right now. >> reporter: calfire is careful since resources are tight. captain norton says he has already seen the conditions on the
next month. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it is official, the planned opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge, will take place on labor day weekend. the traffic signs around the bay area, are warning drivers that the entire bridge will shut down, beginning wednesday, august 28 through tuesday, settlement 3. so the crews can make the necessary changes for traffic. they voted to go ahead with that planned opening day, and the crews say the temporary fix of the brittle bolts will be done by then. tom? >> well, if you are expecting to be on the bay bridge sometime labor day weekend, think again. the alternatives is other bridges, or ferry. they think the major earthquake could destroy the existing bay bridge. >> we don't want them on the old structure. >> that's like, this one that erupted 70 miles away, the hayward, are shotgun, aimed point blank at the head of the existing span. >> the existing bridge is the one that folks should be worried about, that's the one not to trust. >> the quick fix, stiffening up the shock absorbers, to replace the primary ones, until the primary ones are ma
. the dates you may want to keep in mind. >>> making it harder to deport illegal immigrants. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. we are live outside the oakland police department this morning. officers dealing with another deadly shooting and just when they are really stepping up efforts to fight violent crime we will tell you how it fits into their latest plan in just a few minutes. good morning, it's friday august 16th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, can you scare up some sunshine for pam? >> not yet. maybe soon. a lot of low clouds in place. it does look a little cooler. not much has changed here. kind of muggy for most of the lows. only in the north bay finding cool lows. most areas are around 64-5:. 64 to 84 by noon. i will tell you yesterday very hot up in parts of lake county and out toward vacaville. i don't think that really changes today. san francisco hovering around seasonal average this time of year. that is exactly what we are going for today. starting off 59. yesterday started off at 60. overall look
are still working the scene. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now, several camps near yosemite have been evacuated as a precaution about 300 seniors left camp neither to return to san francisco. people also packed up and left the san jose family camp and the tualame camp. also in the area is camp tuanga a summer children's camp. the sheriff ordered anyone still there to leave the area for their own safety. >>> and there are red flag warnings in parts of the northern california right now. here's how it looks you see the thunder and lightning cells in the west slope of the sierra nevada. lightning still occurring south of reno. there's lightning in the area. that's why there's a red flag warning in effect . stays in effect because more thunderstorms possible not just in the mountains but perhaps here in the bay area. when we come back in 10 minutes we're going to talk about that chance of thunderstorms, a red flag warning. coastal flag is pretty thick. i'll be back here in 10 minutes. >>> a smoke grenade being used in a military training exercise is what sparked a large
national forest, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> people who have been vacationing in the yosemite area, from the bay area, have had to evacuate several camps. yesterday, 200 seniors and 30 staff members left a camp and are now back in the bay area. this city of berkeley's camp was evacuated last night. and 100 students from a private camp were vaulted from san jose's family camp on monday. coming up at 6, the fire and smoke is threatening key infrastructure that serves millions here in the bay area. the unseen impact, all that smoke and flames is having right now. >> and chief meteorologist, bill martin, he has been tracking the conditions near the fire. he joins us now with the latest. bill? >> and it's typical august conditions up in the fire area. here's a map of where the fire is, near sonora. we come in close. first thing i want to point out is the topography. look how vertical these cliffs are. a lot of terrain that firefighters are dealing with. not only that, but you've got winds blowing about 13 miles an hour, 4 miles an hour, kind of ranging in there, out of the southwest, we
tennyson road after getting a call from the man's daughter. ktvu's claudine wong is live with the reason police say they were forced to open fire. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes. let me give you a look at this apartment complex where this all happened on tennyson road in hayward. within the last ten minutes, police cleared the crime scene tape and cleared out of here after processing the scene for hours. we can tell you a 37-year-old man is dead after police responded to a call for help from his 12-year-old daughter. here's what we know about what happened -- inside an apartment in this hayward complex was a mother, father and their two daughters, ages 11 and 12. just before 9:30 last night, police say a fight broke out between the parents. a fight intense enough to have one of the daughters calling 911. >> dispatchers could hear loud commotion, fighting, arguing going on in the background. officers are responding and while they were responding, the child advised that the father armed himself with a knife and was threatening to kill his mother. >> reporter:
lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> meantime a red flag warning is still in effect for parts of the bay area right now. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now with more on the situation. >> the red warning, and then this fire we're talking about. let's take a look at the conditions in this area. the flames are represented approximately where the fire was located. temperature during the fire about 90 degrees. winds were light for this area. humidity was down 29%. not really nasty fire conditions especially with those winds are going to be so much windier out here. as we go into the next 24 hours, 36 hours we still have red flag warning because of these lightning strikes that are working their way up and across southern california and as you see here, lightning strikes like we saw last night. the red flag warning has continued to the south bay as these systems work their way up. red flag warning remains in effect. there remains a good chance for rain. >>> another fire has forced hundreds of people away from their camp sites. and that includes 200 senior citizens from right her
at the island, it was done years ago, and that'll only require the moving of k rails. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details on the rising cost of the span, initially back in 199, the -- 1989, the cost was $1.9 million, and now it's doubled, to $2.6 million, and now it's more than $5 billion, and now the total cost is $6.4 billion. the contractor was promised a big bonus if they opened on time, so will they get it? we'll have the report at 6:00. >>> a world famous jewelry store is closed tonight, after an early morning heist. this was the damage, and a group of men got inside by using a truck to force open the door. that's where we are from walnut creek, with how the they've seen made a clean get away. >> they backed to truck right in the front doors of tiffany's, and they're trying to clear the huge doors, and at the same time the police are working to find to they've seen. the walnut police arrived to find a truck smashed into this store, and they arrived 90 seconds after the suspects took off. >> there's jewelry scattered around the floor, but it's small, the stuff that's left out overn
on auto mall parkway, major crash near technology drive. let's go live to ktvu's tara moriarty, who is on the scene of have very serious crash. tara? >> reporter: this looks pretty violent. if you take a look behind me, you can see the big rig is on its side. it does have diesel. crews are a little bit concerned about that. right now they are trying to figure out exactly how this crash unfolded. joining me live is lieutenant fred bobit. he's here to explain this. this is auto mall parkway. can you tell us who was going which direction? >> we understand the big rig or tractor-trailer was traveling eastbound on auto mall between technology coming up towards fremont boulevard. we believe currently right now that the big rig actually, as it was traveling eastbound jumped the center median and struck what you see is the white compact vehicle that we believe was traveling westbound. >> reporter: there was a woman in the car. witnesses say she appeared to be in her 30s or something. her head was actually out of the window and that's what saved her. that window was down or popped out? >> we
. >> connecting the new span to the tunnels only requires moving the k rails. ktvu 2 news. >> more details on the closure, more traffic from wednesday august 25th until 5 a.m. on tuesday september 3rd. >> bart says it will offer limited, round-the-clock service during the closure, accept accept monday night. >> look for the link under our hot topics section at >>> developing news out of the east bay, an 8-year-old girl was air lifted to a hospital. >> she was climbing a tree when a limb snapped. she fell to the ground. >> fire officials say the limb might have fallen on top of her. >> she was taken to a park where a helicopter air lifted her to oakland children's hospital. >>> oakland police are upping anty at what police are doing >> reporter: the arrest of eight violent offenders, police say are responsible for serious crime across oakland. >> the intent of those arrests is to make business owners and residents like here along international feel safe after dark. >> at headquarters, chief ngyen told us about operation ceasefire. >> it shows a police mobile command unit near 95th
will be held on monday. the winner goes on to compete in the america's cup in september. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and high winds canceled today's second race. it's a major obstacle for sailors. mark tamayo is here with a look at how windy and gusty it was. >> hi there. always a challenge. you want to -- you want a wind but not too much. this is the bay and the bay bridge. you get an idea, we do have some gusty conditions here which is from the flag moving. looking at the ocean surface, there's not the white caps out there. the numbers showing up, taking a look at the map, around 3:00, we had winds gusts at 40 miles an hour. toward the embarcadero, winds gusting to 17. wind speeds right around 15, 25 miles an hour throughout the afternoon hours pushing through the golden gate bridge and into the bay. winds were up but not extreme conditions. tomorrow we are still talking about winds topping 20 miles an hour. we have a changing forecast as we head into sunday, monday, tuesday. i will have more coming up. >>> police in oakland rushed to a shooting in broad daylight today. this aft
september 3rd. >>> stay with ktvu news for continuing coverage of the work that needs to be done while the bridge is closed and the long awaited opening of the new eastern span. >> when the bridge is closed b.a.r.t says they plan to run trains around-the-clock. they say they will offer limited 24-hour service. they will not operate overnight into tuesday morn sog crews can conduct inspections, at least one rider we talked with said she will avoid riding b.a.r.t during the closure because there will be too many people. >> it can get a little overwhelming. so, i don't think i will be out in it not if pidon't have to be. >> reporter: b. >> b.a.r.t says details are being finalized including when and which stations will be open 24 hoursism the two sides in the b.a.r.t labor dispute are still cooling off. a court order prevents the unions from going on strike for 60 days, today is day 4 of the cooling off period. we spoke with a b.a.r.t official within the past hour. she says the two sides have not been back to the bargaining stkpaeubl are waiting for a mediator to set a -- bargain inning
is recovering from gunshot wounds after a late-night shooting in east oakland. ktvu's claudine wong is reporting live from opd headquarters to explain what happened. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. this shooting happened overnight and at this hour, police are still searching for whoever was responsible for this. let's take you to the scene overnight. we'll tell you what it looked like as police were investigating. two people were hit in the hail of gunfire just after 11:30 last night. both victims in their 20s. one woman pronounced dead at the scene. another man fighting for his life. it happened in east oakland. where 60% of the city's homicides happened last year. it happened as police, once again, turned to a program called "operation cease fire." it targets gang members and repeat offenders. it works with them to turn their lives around. >> however, if you choose not to stop engaging in the shootings and homicides, then we will stand with law enforcement. >> reporter: now, this program isn't new. elsewhere, cities have reported incredible results. but for oakland and its h
bring it to you. ktvu. back to you. >>> more on the horrifying kidnapping by a man who killed her mother and younger brother. james dimaggio tortured them and killed them. dimaggio also shot and killed the family dog. on the day of the murders, dimaggio and the teenage girl called each other 13 times. documents show dimaggio's sister made an unusual large number of calls that day and may have helped him. >>> a family of a missing child from oakland are frustrated from leads in the case. two dozen people walked from police headquarters, she died five weeks ago. the father told him someone kidnapped daphne from the car when he went into a shop. calf any -- daphne's mother is frustrated with the investigation. >> i know they try to do what they can, but it seems like a standstill. >> when you're not privy to an investigation it can sometimes seem like that. >> police say more than a dozen investigators are working hard to try and find the little girl. >>> after years of planning construction and delays, a couple of hours the final decision will be made on when the bay bridge will open. we'r
facebook users a big favor. >> this is ktvu channel 2, morning news. >> good morning, here's a live picture at the entrance to the port of oakland and those are truckers out on the picket lines this morning. the issue they're trying to bring attention to, that's coming up in a few minutes. good morning, pam cook, august 19th. >> good morning. there's a fire danger in the pay area. steve? >>> possible lightning and clouds building up in and around, it goes to wednesday. thunder shower activity. this will not be widespread, it will be hit or miss. it will be impact of lightning and possible fire. it will be slamdunk in northeast california. it's wrapping back towards us. it looks like it's pushing into the pacific, slightly cooler, especially the coast. it's partly sunny skies and partly cloudy. look at it, 70, fairfield, livermore and san francisco, a west whipped picking up. a lot of cloud cover comes off the mother load or central sierra. some of that could move back off of us. the flow continues to pick up an i lot of moisture. some sun i, a lot of clouds building up. maybe some lightning
the fire's path tonight. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now. the two hydroelectricken electric plants have been shut down as a precaution. they are between the hetch hetchy and the sight of the rim fire. normally, these two powerhouses run huge turbines that convert the water into electric power. >>> ground and air attacks are being launched to contain the rim fire. it has shut down highway 120, the main gateway into yosemite national park and it continues to spread through the stanislaus national forest, burning not far from the town of groveland and yosemite national forest. ken wayne joins us now live. he has been going all with fire crews every day. >> reporter: julie and frank, we were stranded here for several hours this afternoon, because the only road leading to this fire camp was blocked by flames. in fact, if you look behind me, you can see a lot of smoke over those trees. the fire is still burning just a few hundred yards from this command post. if there was any doubt about how unpredictable wildfire can be, that was era
oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> traffic is moving tonight in sonol after a postal truck overturned and snarled traffic for hours. the accident caused the closure of all lanes. the driver may have hit debris on the road. crews worked seven hours to clean up the mess. >>> and tonight at 10:30, why bay area police officers are out in force right now. their focus today and for the next 17 days. >>> 9/11 tapes should help clear up chaotic events that led to an officer involved shooting. a girl called police to a hayward apartment wednesday night because she was concerned about an argument between her parents. officers arrived and fatally shot the girl's father johnny jim simmons jr. officers say he lunged at an officer with a knife but the family says that he was not armed. >>> the explorotorium has announced sweeping lay offs. >> reporter: four months into its new location, best layed plans are going up in smoke. >> people are angry, upset, crying. >> reporter: the museum notified 80 workers they are being laid off. that's over 20% of the staff. >> it's sad to have these fo
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